The Truth behind The Climb

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired after reading!

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! How was your week? Did you find out what is waiting for you at the top of your mountain? In this post, we are going to discover the truth about consistency and hard work, learn more about how to climb up a mountain, and hear one of my personal experiences. Enjoy!

Consistency and Hard-Work

Many think that once you take your first step towards your goals, everything after that will be simple and easy. However, that isn’t quite the case. In order to reach the top of your mountain, consistency and hard work are very much needed! Working hard helps you reach your goals and being consistent will help you reach your goals faster.

What’s after the first step?

After taking your first step, it is important to know that it is up to you whether you reach the top of your mountain or not. It is your choice whether you reach your goals and have an amazing view, or if you quit and just settle with the view you already have. There are no elevators while climbing a mountain. It is all up to you, your work ethic, and your will to keep pushing. Nothing is going to get you to the top. No one is going to get you to the top. BUT, you can get yourself to the top!

My Personal Experience

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE to run. (I know, weird!) Over quarantine, I quit running as much as I used to then one day I decided to get back into it (my first step). I went to a trail expecting to run 5 miles but I was very much mistaken and could barely do 2! I could have felt discouraged and chose to never go back, but instead I used that as motivation to work harder. Since that day, I have been going to the trail consistently and working hard. Now, I can run 7 miles without stopping! Throughout my climb, there were days that I didn’t want to wake up early, days where I didn’t feel like running, days where I didn’t want to work hard, but I pushed past those days and persevered. Because I worked hard, enjoyed the climb, and embraced the difficulty, I was able to reach the top of my mountain and be better than what I used to be!

In the chat, comment your favorite type of exercise to do! (example: cross-fit, dancing, walking, etc.) Mine is running!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and left feeling inspired! Have an amazing week and see you next Sunday!

-Sierra ❤

11 thoughts on “The Truth behind The Climb

  1. Very motivating . I am ready to start my climb again . It’s been 6 months since my spinning class was shut down . It’s time to stop making excuses and get back to work again . Thanks Merch

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  2. I LOVE what you started off with – “appreciate the climb.” During the climb, leading toward the top, is when we learn most about ourselves, others, and we are taught valuable lessons. I love your motivation and your reflections! Way to go!

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