My Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post! I hope you enjoy and leave feeling inspired!

Hi guys! I hope all of you had an amazing week! In this blog post, I am going to be sharing my top 10 tips on how to stay motivated and stay inspired. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive emails whenever I upload a new post! Enjoy!!

Let’s be real. We all have those days where we would rather stay in bed, watch Netflix all day, and eat gallons of ice cream. Sometimes, it is easy to feel uninspired throughout your climb. It happens to me too! But, there are some little tips and advice that will help you stay driven throughout your journey. Here are my top 10 tips for staying motivated!

My Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated

1. Find your Why

Finding your why will provide you with a purpose. When you have a purpose for climbing up your mountain, you will have more drive to keep you going along your journey.

2. Have a Support Group

Another key to staying motivated is having a group of friends or family to keep you accountable. Find individuals who will support and motivate you rather than discourage you.

3. Change up your Workout Routine

Maybe a reason you are unmotivated is because you are bored. Find a workout that you ENJOY and have fun doing!

4. Be Patient with Yourself

Understand that running up your mountain takes time. If you do not see results or progress right away, do not be discouraged and give up! Keep working hard and results are bound to happen!

5. Take Rest Days

So what you rest one day? Rest days are important to help rejuvenate your body and mind and will only help you, not hurt you. Oh, and rest days will NOT slow you down. 🙂

6. Positive Self-Talk

You know that voice that you constantly hear in your head? Well, that voice could either encourage or discourage you. Talk to yourself as you would to a friend: kindly, positively, and happily.

7. Recognize your Progress

Recognizing your progress will cause you want to keep advancing forward. It will motivate you to continue to run up your mountain and enjoy the climb.

8. Do it for Yourself

Run up your mountain for YOU, not for anyone else. Make yourself proud!

9. Celebrate your Accomplishments

This one ties in with number 7 but it is important to reward yourself. Celebrate your victories, big or small. This will motivate you to keep on climbing higher.

10. Think of your View

Whenever you feel unmotivated, just think of how AMAZING your view is going to be once you reach the top of your mountain. Work hard and stay motivated so you can reach the top and have amazing results!

I hope these tips help you stay motivated and inspired. Just remember, appreciate the climb as much as the view. The climb and journey will be difficult, but SO worth it! Have an amazing week! Keep running up your mountain!

-Sierra ❤

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