All About Self Love

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

Hi guys! Hope y’all had an amazing week! I had a pretty eventful week! If you live in Texas then you would know…. anyways, in this blog post, I am to be talking more about self love. Enjoy!!

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Self love is not being SO hard on yourself, accepting your flaws because they make you unique, and being content with YOU! It’s doing what makes you happy, not changing for others, and being patient with yourself. Self love is very important and you should always try to practice it. Sometimes, you need to make yourself a priority and take time for you!!


Here are some quick, simple things you can do to display self love to yourself! ❤

  • Say something good about yourself
  • Move your body
  • Nourish yourself
  • Do something you enjoy doing
  • Be with someone you love
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I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Comment how you like to practice self love.

Here’s your reminder to love yourself. You’re doing amazing. 🙂 See you next Sunday and continue running up your mountain!

-Sierra ❤

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