Happy Easter!

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone! HAPPY EASTER! I hope y’all have or had a fantastic day! ❤ Make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive emails every time I upload a new post. Enjoy!


This Easter is a bit different from previous years, but I know it’s going to be GREAT! I’m going to be with family outside, have an egg hunt, and crack confetti eggs. What are your plans for today? Comment!

LUKE 24:6-7

Sunday Encouragement: Easter Greetings | Easter scriptures, Easter  greetings, Easter christian

“He is not here, he is risen!”

Let’s celebrate life today with our loved ones! Make good memories and remember that Jesus is alive! ❤

Thank you so much for reading this week’s shorter post! Jesus loves you and so do I! Comment some topics you’d want me to blog about. Have a fantastic week and continue running up your mountain!

-Sierra ❤

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