Spring Must Haves

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s blog post! Today, I am going to be sharing some spring essentials! Hope you enjoy


  • Sunglasses! Especially where I live, it can get super sunny during this time.
  • Swim Suits! I ❤ swimming! It’s super fun and a GREAT workout!!
  • Sandals! You can find super cute ones at Target or even Walmart.
  • Nail Polish! Pastel colors are in right now.T
  • Tote Bag! Whether you’re going to the beach or staying home, its so beneficial to have a bag!
  • Flowers! I love to look at spring flowers! My personal fav are petunias.
  • Journal! You can bullet journal your goals to help you stay focused. Don’t forget your cute pens!
  • Anything Burnt Coral! It’s the color of the season and so trendy
  • Beach Hat and Sunscreen to protect your skin!
  • *THE MOST IMPORTANT* ….. My Blog! Expect to see way more motivational and FUN content in the upcoming months!
  • Comment your spring essential!

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s post! See you VERY SOON for some inspiration and workouts 😉

    Continue running up your mountain!

    -Sierra ❤ ❤ ❤

    5 thoughts on “Spring Must Haves

    1. My favorite spring essential-planting new plants and flowers. My favorite—anything blooming!😂
      Necessary items are work gloves and sunglasses ❤️

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