My Top 5 Favorite Exercises

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun FriYAY! Today I am going to be sharing 5 of my favorite exercises for any muscle group. I hope you enjoy!

  • Sumo squat
    • I love this exercise because it really BURNS my lower body.
*not my pic*
  • Plank jacks
    • This one is great for cardio, arms, and your core!
Plank Jack - Exercise How-to - Workout Trainer by Skimble
*not my pic*
  • Jackknives
    • GREAT core exercise!
*not my pic*
  • Wall sit
    • I LOVE this exercise! I always finish this shaking!!!!
Boldon Fitness - MARCH MEMBERS CHALLENGE THE WALL SIT‼️ Throughout March  whoever can hold the longest wall sit within Boldon Fitness gym will win  a.. ✨✨£30 Nandos voucher✨✨ To enter all you
*not my pic*
  • Bicep curl to overhead press
    • This is a great upper body move.
Bicep Curl to Overhead Press | Want Strong, Chiseled Arms? Here Are 11  Dumbbell Exercises Trainers Want You to Do | POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 3
*not my pic*

I hope you all enjoyed reading! Comment your favorite exercise!! It’s important to do workouts you enjoy and love so figure out what you like and then DO IT!!

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-Sierra ❤

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