Motivation vs. Discipline

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. Today, I am going to be writing about motivation and discipline. Enjoy!!

MOTIVATION: being inspired, usually for a shorter time, not always

DISCIPLINE: showing up when you don’t want to, commitment to something

Have you ever found yourself searching up on google “motivational quotes”?

I definitely have. I’ve also searched up “motivational quotes for when you don’t want to do something.” One of the many quotes was:

inspirational quote | Quotes, Motivation, Motivational quotes
*not my picture*

It was in that moment that I realized motivation means absolutely nothing if you aren’t disciplined. It is SO EASY to be motivated for a day, week, or even a month. But what happens when you aren’t feeling motivated anymore? You quit? Give up?

*not my picture*

This is where discipline comes in. Motivation will not last very long. In order to achieve your goals, you need to be disciplined. Show up when you’re tired, when it’s too hot, when you don’t want to.

In order to be great, you have to show up. It won’t matter if you read 100 motivational quotes if you aren’t disciplined. STAY DISCIPLINED! SHOW UP!!

I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss out on any content. See y’all Wednesday. I appreciate all of y’all reading!!!! Have an amazing week and continue running up your mountain.

-Sierra ❤

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