Fun Things to do in The Pool

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun Friday! Today I am going to be sharing 10 fun activities you can do in the pool. Enjoy!

  • Swimming Competition
    • Race your family or friends to see who’s the best swimmer
  • Dive
    • I need to practice diving wayyyyyyy more
  • Handstand Competition
    • See you can hold a handstand the longest. I always beat my sister lol
  • ABC Gymnastics Challenge
    • Go through A-Z and think of a flip that matches the letter!
  • Marco Polo
    • This one is a classic
  • Category Game
    • Think of a specific thing from the category and dip the other player until they guess correctly
  • Underwater Tea Parties
    • Tea time!
  • Exercise
    • Swimming is a great form of exercise!!
  • Chicken Fight
    • This game gets INTENSE!!
  • Pool Floatie Race
    • This is like a swimming race, but on floaties hahaha

Don’t forget to drink your water, apply sunscreen, and have a pool side snack. My fav is a fruit platter!

BRB going to go to the pool šŸ™‚

See y’all Sunday! Have an amazing weekend and continue running up your mountain.

-Sierra ā¤

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