Fun Ways To Workout During Summer

Hey y’all! Welcome to fun FriYAY! Today, I am going to be sharing 10 fun ways to workout during summertime. I hope you enjoy!!

Some of y’all may be thinking, “There is no way working out can be fun.” Well, I am here to prove you wrong! There are a lot of ways you can workout and still have fun. Let’s get started.

  • Swimming!
    • Swimming is GREAT exercise and a super fun activity. Go in the pool, swim a couple laps, and have a great workout!!
  • Dance Party!
    • Just Dance or even dancing in general is great cardio! I always get so tired after dancing.
  • Any Sport!
    • Practice the sport you enjoy and get in a great workout at the same time!!
  • Roller Blading!
    • This can be a great cardio choice and super fun!
  • Hiking!
    • You can enjoy the views, be with friends, and get an awesome workout by hiking.
  • Kayaking/Canoeing!
    • Who would have thought that a fun summer activity could also be a good workout?!
  • Wii or Active Video Games!
    • The fitness/sports section on the Wii is a great way to be active!
  • Bike Riding!
    • This is a fun activity and a GREAT workout!
  • Obstacle Course!
    • You can create an obstacle course at your house, have fun, and get in some cardio!
  • Play Frisbee!
    • Entertaining and a great way to break a sweat.

*none of these pictures are mine*

As you can tell, exercise isn’t only lifting weights and running on the treadmill. There are so many ways you can stay active this summer while still having fun!!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you did, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any upcoming content! Remember, all of summer I will be posting 3x a week: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. Have an amazing weekend and continue running up your mountain.

-Sierra ❤

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