Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. Happy August!! New month…. new goals!!!!!!!

How is it already AUGUST!!! This month is going to be so hectic but very fun for me! School is starting and so is cheer! 🙂 This is also going to be my last month of posting 3x a week :(. Starting September, I’m going to be posting 1 or 2x a week!


Here are 5 challenges! I’m challenging you to pick at least one and stick to it the whole month of August. Comment which challenge you’re going to crush!

  1. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day
  2. Be active for at least 10 minutes every day
  3. Make your bed every day
  4. Journal
  5. Do something for yourself


Whatever happened or didn’t happen in July, LET IT GO! -Elsa hahha

This is going to be YOUR MONTH! Work hard and MAKE IT HAPPEN! You’re the only one who can determine your success!!!!!!!!

Forget about July. We’re on to better things! “Without change, there is no change.” -Unknown

HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! Continue running up your mountain everyone!

-Sierra ❤

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