New Month, New Goals

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe!!

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I love love love this month because it’s the start of fall, football season, and it’s one month closer to Christmas LOL.

This year is flying by! Those goals we made in September may be a distant thought now. Well, it’s not too late to change that!! GO AFTER YOUR GOALS!!!! You have time 🙂

If you have already achieved your new years resolutions, here are 5 more simple things you can try to do. I’m challenging you to pick at least one!

  • Fix your sleep schedule
    • Prioritize waking up earlier and going to bed at a decent hour. You can get sooo much done
  • Journal
    • This helps with your mental health!!
  • Be active for at least 15 minutes every day
  • Call or text someone you love everyday
    • Life isn’t promised. Reach out to those you care about.
  • Pick up for 5 minutes at least
    • If you pick up your area everyday, it’ll never get that bad!


Have an amazing week and continue running up your mountain!!!!

-Sierra ❤

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