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How Bad Do You Want It?

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s blog post! I hope you enjoy and will subscribe. “Everybody wants the product but no one wants the process.” -Inky Johnson I could not agree with this quote anymore. How many times have you said you wanted something, but did nothing to achieve that? You really wanted an A, butContinue reading “How Bad Do You Want It?”

New Month, New Goals

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe!! HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I love love love this month because it’s the start of fall, football season, and it’s one month closer to Christmas LOL. This year is flying by! Those goals we made in September may be a distant thoughtContinue reading “New Month, New Goals”


Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe! Hey guys! Happy Sunday! This past week has been CRAZY!! We had our first football game on Thursday and it was A LOT of fun! Bu then, Friday I was exhausted at school. But it was all worth it :).Continue reading “Anger”

New Chapters

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s post. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe! GUYS! I start high school tomorrow ://///. I’m super excited but nervous! Comment when you go back to work or school! As I was thinking about this next chapter of my life, I realized something. I don’t really like change. I’mContinue reading “New Chapters”

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. Happy August!! New month…. new goals!!!!!!! How is it already AUGUST!!! This month is going to be so hectic but very fun for me! School is starting and so is cheer! 🙂 This is also going to be my last month of posting 3x a week :(. Starting September,Continue reading

Get To Know Me!

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun Friday. Today, I am going to be answering some basic get to know me questions! Enjoy!! Question: What’s my favorite muscle group to train? Answer: Upper body! Probably biceps or shoulders Question: What are some of your hobbies? Answer: I like to exercise, practice cheerleading, and watch Disney+ Question: FavoriteContinue reading “Get To Know Me!”


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