Don’t Give Up-Motivational Quotes

Hey y’all! Today I’ll be sharing 5 motivational quotes about not giving up. Enjoy and comment your fav one! I tell this to myself a lot. For me, I want to cheer during college so I work hard every day because I can’t go without thinking about it! 2. I agree SO MUCH with thisContinue reading “Don’t Give Up-Motivational Quotes”

Leg Workout with Dumbbells

Hey y’all! Welcome to Workout Wednesday. Today, I am going to be sharing an intense leg workout you can do at home. Let’s get those gains!!! sumo deadlifts reverse lunge pulses good mornings single leg RDL’s squat hold REPEAT 2X! Hope you enjoy! Comment if you’re going to try this one. Have an amazing weekContinue reading “Leg Workout with Dumbbells”

Hey y’all! Welcome to Motivational Sunday. I hope y’all are having a great day so far! Enjoy!! In today’s post, I am going to be explaining why you should trust yourself! Some of y’all may have heard the saying, “Get our of your own way.” Well, seriously, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!! So manyContinue reading

Quick Leg Workout!

Hey y’all! Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Today I am sharing a quick, effective workout you can do at home. No equipment is needed. Enjoy! LET’S GET THESE GAINS! Curtsy lunges Jumping jacks Quad raises Squats with front kick Wall sit Pulsing lunges REPEAT 3X! Hope you enjoyed! GET MOVING! YOU GOT THIS!! See y’all Friday.Continue reading “Quick Leg Workout!”

Why you Should Focus on your Path

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. Today I will be sharing why you should focus on your path. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe! If you’ve read my former blogs, then you would know that I say to run up your mountain. By that I mean go after your goals; and reaching the topContinue reading “Why you Should Focus on your Path”

Summer Challenges!

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun Friday. I have been loving posting 3x a week and hope you are enjoying it! Today, I am going to be sharing summer challenges. Enjoy! How is it already July?!?! Let’s make this month count!!! Here are 5 summer challenges you can pick from! Comment which challenge you are goingContinue reading “Summer Challenges!”

Independence Day!

Hey y’all! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Hope y’all are having a great day so far. Today, I am going to be talking about being independent. Enjoy!! Happy Fourth of July! Comment y’all’s plans for the day 🙂 What does it mean to be independent? Well, according to Google, it’s free from outside control, not dependingContinue reading “Independence Day!”

Fun Ways To Workout During Summer

Hey y’all! Welcome to fun FriYAY! Today, I am going to be sharing 10 fun ways to workout during summertime. I hope you enjoy!! Some of y’all may be thinking, “There is no way working out can be fun.” Well, I am here to prove you wrong! There are a lot of ways you canContinue reading “Fun Ways To Workout During Summer”