Core Circuit- Workout Wednesday

Hey y’all! Welcome to Workout Wednesday. Today, I am going to be sharing a quick core circuit you can do from your house. Enjoy!! THE WORKOUT: Circuit #1 oblique crunches high knees shoulder taps full sit ups burpees REPEAT 2X! Circuit #2 all around the world crunches alternating toe taps plank jacks heisman bicycles REPEATContinue reading “Core Circuit- Workout Wednesday”

Motivation vs. Discipline

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. Today, I am going to be writing about motivation and discipline. Enjoy!! MOTIVATION: being inspired, usually for a shorter time, not always DISCIPLINE: showing up when you don’t want to, commitment to something Have you ever found yourself searching up on google “motivational quotes”? I definitely have. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Motivation vs. Discipline”

My Top 5 Favorite Exercises

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun FriYAY! Today I am going to be sharing 5 of my favorite exercises for any muscle group. I hope you enjoy! Sumo squat I love this exercise because it really BURNS my lower body. Plank jacks This one is great for cardio, arms, and your core! Jackknives GREAT core exercise!Continue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Exercises”

The Importance of People

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s post. I am going to be explaining the importance of people and having supportive individuals around you. Enjoy!! “It’s harder to run up a mountain by yourself.” Throughout our life, we all encounter many different people. Some individuals tear us down or bring us up. It’s extremely important that youContinue reading “The Importance of People”

My First Week of Summer Journal

Hey y’all! Welcome to Friday’s post. Today, I am going to be sharing my first week of summer with y’all! I hope you enjoy. SUNDAY- Today was pretty uneventful. I went to church, cleaned my room, and watched basketball. Best part of the day was knowing I was on SUMMER VACAY!! MONDAY- Today was superContinue reading “My First Week of Summer Journal”

My Instant Mood Boosters

Hey y’all! Welcome to today’s blog post. Today, I am going to be sharing my instant mood boosters! I hope you enjoy. Here are my top 10 things I love to do that boost my mood. 🙂 Exercise/Stretch After a workout, I always feel GREAT! Play with my dog My dog is ADORABLE btw hahaContinue reading “My Instant Mood Boosters”

Workout Wednesday!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Today I am going to be sharing a quick cardio circuit workout you can do at home. Comment if you’re going to try this one! Let’s get started! Circuit #1 high knees jump squats mountain climbers sprint in place Repeat! Circuit #2 bicycles plank jacks ice skaters heisman Repeat!Continue reading “Workout Wednesday!”

Sharing all things Summer

Hi everyone! Welcome to Sunday’s blog post. Today, I am going to be sharing all things summer! I get out of school Wednesday and I am SO excited for summer break! Let’s get started. Starting next week, I will be posting 3x a week! Sundays will be for motivation, Wednesday’s workouts, and Friday will beContinue reading “Sharing all things Summer”

Myth Busters-Fitness Edition

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s post. Today, I am going to be busting false fitness myths! Hi!! How are y’all doing? Yesterday I got my first dose for the COVID vaccine! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to get it as well! It’s important to protect yourself AND others 🙂 LET’S GET STARTED!Continue reading “Myth Busters-Fitness Edition”