Don’t Give Up-Motivational Quotes

Hey y’all! Today I’ll be sharing 5 motivational quotes about not giving up. Enjoy and comment your fav one! I tell this to myself a lot. For me, I want to cheer during college so I work hard every day because I can’t go without thinking about it! 2. I agree SO MUCH with thisContinue reading “Don’t Give Up-Motivational Quotes”

All About Self Love

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired! Hi guys! Hope y’all had an amazing week! I had a pretty eventful week! If you live in Texas then you would know…. anyways, in this blog post, I am to be talking more about self love. Enjoy!! WHAT DOES SELFContinue reading “All About Self Love”

Why You Should Love Yourself

Hi everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post! I hope you enjoy and feel inspired. Hey guys! Happy Valentines Day! ❤ Hope y’all have an amazing day with your loved ones. In this blog post, I am going to be sharing why you should love yourself as well as 3 self love quotes. The monthContinue reading “Why You Should Love Yourself”

The Truth behind The Climb

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired after reading! Hi guys! Happy Sunday! How was your week? Did you find out what is waiting for you at the top of your mountain? In this post, we are going to discover the truth about consistency and hard work,Continue reading “The Truth behind The Climb”

The Story

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post! I hope you enjoy and will subscribe! Hi guys! Welcome to Running up a Mountain!! I’m Sierra and I am here to help y’all reach your goals while learning to love the journey, process, and climb. In order to fully appreciate the view, you need to appreciateContinue reading “The Story”