Leg Workout with Dumbbells

Hey y’all! Welcome to Workout Wednesday. Today, I am going to be sharing an intense leg workout you can do at home. Let’s get those gains!!! sumo deadlifts reverse lunge pulses good mornings single leg RDL’s squat hold REPEAT 2X! Hope you enjoy! Comment if you’re going to try this one. Have an amazing weekContinue reading “Leg Workout with Dumbbells”

Fun Ways To Workout During Summer

Hey y’all! Welcome to fun FriYAY! Today, I am going to be sharing 10 fun ways to workout during summertime. I hope you enjoy!! Some of y’all may be thinking, “There is no way working out can be fun.” Well, I am here to prove you wrong! There are a lot of ways you canContinue reading “Fun Ways To Workout During Summer”

Fun Things to do in The Pool

Hey y’all! Welcome to Fun Friday! Today I am going to be sharing 10 fun activities you can do in the pool. Enjoy! Swimming Competition Race your family or friends to see who’s the best swimmer Dive I need to practice diving wayyyyyyy more Handstand Competition See you can hold a handstand the longest. IContinue reading “Fun Things to do in The Pool”

My First Week of Summer Journal

Hey y’all! Welcome to Friday’s post. Today, I am going to be sharing my first week of summer with y’all! I hope you enjoy. SUNDAY- Today was pretty uneventful. I went to church, cleaned my room, and watched basketball. Best part of the day was knowing I was on SUMMER VACAY!! MONDAY- Today was superContinue reading “My First Week of Summer Journal”

Sharing all things Summer

Hi everyone! Welcome to Sunday’s blog post. Today, I am going to be sharing all things summer! I get out of school Wednesday and I am SO excited for summer break! Let’s get started. Starting next week, I will be posting 3x a week! Sundays will be for motivation, Wednesday’s workouts, and Friday will beContinue reading “Sharing all things Summer”